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Health : NPR

Health WebKFF Health News. December 9, 2023 • Native Americans are returning to raising buffalo and plants that tribes have grown for millennia. It's a way to reconnect with …

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Your Health : NPR

Health WebNews and commentary about personal health, medicine, healthcare, drugs, diet, recipes, and nutrition. Download the Your Health podcast and subscribe to our RSS …

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Psychologists Say They Can't Meet The Growing Demand …

Health WebThe changes to people's personal lives brought about by pandemic-era public health measures, including changes to one's social life, jobs, and altered ability to care …

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Public Health : Shots Health News : NPR

Health WebPublic Health : Shots - Health News When the neighborhood, town or nation is the patient, we're on the case. Find out about health in the community and around the …

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Life Expectancy Ticks Back Up In U.S. In 2022 Data : Shots

Health WebThe average life expectancy in the U.S. is now 77.5 years old, according to provisional 2022 data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That …

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Living Better: How Americans Can Take Back Their Health

Health WebLiving Better: What it takes to get healthy in America. Good health depends on more than daily exercise and a healthy diet. Access to safe housing, good schools …

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Lowering Barriers To Care : The Pulse : NPR

Health WebLots of things can get in the way of taking care of your health, catching medical issues early on, and getting treatment. Navigating insurance woes, trouble scheduling …

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How Will Health Care In The U.S. Change After The …

Health WebDr. Shantanu Nundy, for one, is optimistic about the future of health care in the U.S.He is a primary care physician practicing just outside Washington, D.C., and the …

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6 Tips To Help You Pick The Right Health Insurance Plan NPR

Health WebThe open enrollment period to buy health insurance on starts now and runs through Jan. 15, 2022. Look for more options and expanded subsidies this year — and more help signing up.

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Three Years On, How COVID19 Has Changed Health Care : …

Health WebMichel Martin talks with Advocate Health CEO Eugene A. Woods about how COVID-19 has changed health care in the U.S. since its arrival three years ago. Today …

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FDA Approves First Geneediting Treatment For Human Illness

Health WebOrlando Gili. In a landmark decision, the Food and Drug Administration Friday approved the first gene-editing treatment to alleviate human illness. The FDA approved …

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Science Has Found New Evidence Of The Causes Of Fainting : NPR

Health WebA lot of people faint at some point in their lives for no clear medical reason. New research provides some explanation. (This story first aired on Morning Edition on …

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These 9 Viruses Have Pandemic Potential, Says WHO NPR

Health WebIts toll: It's rarely fatal, but Zika can cause severe brain defects in fetuses, including microcephaly. It has also been linked to miscarriage, stillbirth and other birth …

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A Little Electric Stimulation In Just The Right Spot May Bolster A

Health WebElectric stimulation in just the right spot may bolster a damaged brain : Shots - Health News A small study found that electrically stimulating an area deep in the brain …

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High Blood Pressure Is Significantly Lowered With Breath Training

Health WebThese days, some health care professionals diagnose patients with high blood pressure if their average reading is consistently 130/80 mmHg or higher, the CDC …

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The Gap Between Rich And Poor Americans' Health Is Widening

Health WebHealth inequities are getting worse, according to new research. Factors like income, race and gender are playing a larger role in health outcomes than they did 25 …

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What We Know About The Health Risks Of Ultraprocessed Foods

Health WebUltraprocessed foods dominate Americans' diets. Here's what they're doing to us : Shots - Health News Sure, they're tasty, but packaged snacks and meals can be …

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Black Americans Expect To Face Racism In The Doctor's Office NPR

Health WebThe good news is that, among those that had sought health care in the past three years, people reported having positive and respectful interactions with their health …

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Buffalo Herds And Ancestral Gardens Bring Healthy Food To Native …

Health WebKFF Health News, formerly known as Kaiser Health News (KHN), is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues and is one of the core …

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Pilots Want Rule Changes That Discourage Mental Health Treatment

Health WebAt a summit on mental health in aviation, pilots and safety experts urged regulators to reform rules that discourage people from seeking treatment because they're …

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Texas Supreme Court Pauses Ruling Allowing Pregnant Woman To …

Health WebEric Gay/AP. AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Supreme Court on Friday night put on hold a judge's ruling that approved an abortion for a pregnant woman whose fetus …

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Texas Woman Granted Permission For Abortion Due To Pregnancy

Health WebUpdated Thursday, Dec. 7 at 1:55 p.m. "Kate Cox needs an abortion, and she needs it now." Thus began a petition filed in a Texas district court this week, asking a …

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Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Really Work? : NPR

Health WebNPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks to vision researcher Mark Rosenfield about the efficacy of blue light-blocking glasses. Screen time has gone up during the …

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New Jersey's AntiDiscrimination Law Is 'Just A Tool' To Protect …

Health WebBut it can be a first step, says transgender activist Barbra Casbar Siperstein. She pushed hard to expand New Jersey's anti-discrimination law 10 years ago. "A law is …

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Chef Lidia Bastianich Looks Back On Her Family's Chaotic Life In

Health WebOur guest, Lidia Bastianich, is a celebrity chef famous for her Italian recipes. She has a long-running PBS series, "Lidia's Kitchen." She's written over 15 cookbooks, …

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