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Are LowFat Dairy Products Really Healthier? The New York Times

Health WebIf you consult the U.S. dietary guidelines or health authorities like the American Heart Association or the World Health Organization, the answer is clear: Choose a fat-free or low-fat version.

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F.D.A. Approves 2 Sickle Cell Treatments, One Using CRISPR Gene …

Health WebDec. 8, 2023. On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first gene editing therapy ever to be used in humans, for sickle cell disease, a debilitating blood disorder caused by a

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10 Lessons We’ve Learned About Eating Well The …

Health Web2. What you eat can affect your mental health. As people grappled with higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety during the pandemic, many turned to their favorite comfort foods: ice cream

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Track Covid19 In The U.S.: Latest Data And Maps The New York …

10% Off WebData for recent weeks is incomplete. 10,000. 20,000 deaths. Percent of deaths due to Covid-19. Percent of deaths of all causes which were due to Covid-19, over a four-week period. 10%. 20%.

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U.S. Life Expectancy Creeps Up As Covid Deaths Fall

Health WebIn 2022, life expectancy at birth was 77.5 years, compared with 76.4 years in 2021. A drop in Covid deaths accounts for more than 80 percent of that increase. In 2019, before the pandemic, life

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What To Know About The New Covid Variants The New York Times

Health WebTwo closely related variants, EG.5 and HV.1, now comprise roughly half of the Covid-19 cases in the United States. EG.5 became the dominant variant nationwide in August. At that time, the World

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Few Americans Have Gotten The New Covid Shots, C.D.C. Finds

Health WebAccording to the Health and Human Services Department, 12 million Americans had been vaccinated by Oct. 14. That number grew to 14.8 million in the week after. About 36 percent of adults age 75

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How Does Social Media Affect Your Mental Health?

Health WebFacebook has delayed the development of an Instagram app for children amid questions about its harmful effects on young people’s mental health. Does social media have an impact on your well-being?

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How Eating Ultraprocessed Foods Can Affect Your Mental Health

Health WebIn one 2022 study of over 10,000 adults in the United States, the more UPFs participants ate, the more likely they were to report mild depression or feelings of anxiety. “There was a significant

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Track Covid19 In New Jersey The New York Times

Health WebThe number of Covid patients in hospitals is an indicator of Covid’s ongoing impact on hospitals and I.C.U.s. Test positivity rates are reported less consistently, but can show how infections

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Covid19 In The U.S.: Track Places Near You The New York Times

Health WebHospitalization data is reported by individual hospitals to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and it includes confirmed and suspected adult and pediatric patients.

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U.S. Health Officials Push Back On Idea Of New Virus In China

Health WebThe W.H.O. said that the data China shared last week showed a rise in the number of children hospitalized with cold and flu viruses and respiratory syncytial virus, or R.S.V., since October. The

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Inside The Three Days That Reframed Black Women’s Health

Health WebForty years ago, Black women convened to discuss how race affected their health, inspiring remarkable changes. By Matthew Thompson This article is also a weekly newsletter. Sign up for Race

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When Patients Choose To End Their Lives The New York Times

Health WebCurrently, nine states and the District of Columbia allow doctors to help patients who meet well-defined criteria and are on the threshold of dying choose when and how to end their lives. The laws

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What To Know About Home Care Services The New York Times

$37 Off WebIn San Jose, Calif., half of the agencies charged more than $37 an hour for a home health aide in 2021, according to Genworth, the long-term care insurer. Across the country, agencies are charging

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Bergen County, New Jersey Covid Case And Risk Tracker

Health WebAbout this data Sources: State and local health agencies (cases, deaths); U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (hospitalizations, test positivity). Cases and test positivity charts show 7

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23andMe Hack: What To Know When Your Health Data Is …

Health WebDec. 7, 2023. Your health data is exceptionally valuable — and exceptionally vulnerable. That has been made clear in a string of recent breaches that have exposed sensitive medical information

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Most Fitness Influencers Are Doing More Harm Than Good The …

Health WebAccording to some estimates, Instagram is home to around 50,000 fitness influencers, most claiming to have the secrets to a healthy lifestyle. While some share science-backed helpful tips, others

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Desperate Families Search For Affordable Home Care

$14.51 Off WebSome 3.7 million people had jobs as aides in home health or personal care in 2022, with half of them earning less than $30,000 a year, or $14.51 an hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor

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Opinion How Britain Put One Of The World’s Best Health Care …

Health Webnew video loaded: How Britain Put One of the World’s Best Health Care Systems on Life Support transcript Decades ago, the leaders of Britain launched a, frankly, incredible plan, to provide

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2020 Democrats On Health Care The New York Times

Health WebThe Context. Single-payer health care is a dividing line in the race, separating Democrats who want to replace the private insurance system from those who favor improving it. Some candidates

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Sleepy Hollow (village) The New York Times

Health WebThe 35-year-old federal law regulating tap water is so out of date that the water Americans drink can pose what scientists say are serious health risks — and still be legal. The New York Times

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Saudi Arabia Is Trying To Block A Global Deal To End Fossil Fuels

Health WebThe world’s leading oil exporter has become the most forceful opponent of a new agreement at the U.N. climate summit, according to people inside the talks. By Lisa Friedman, Brad Plumer and

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Days After Heated Debate, G.O.P. Candidates Take A Gentler Tone …

Health WebDec. 9, 2023, 7:01 p.m. ET. Casey DeSantis recounted a few humorous interactions between her husband, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, and their children. Then she spoke in more sober tones about her

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John Whitmire, A Moderate Democrat, Wins Runoff For Houston …

Health WebDec. 9, 2023, 8:44 p.m. ET. John Whitmire, a moderate Democrat who has served in the Texas State Senate since 1983, won a runoff election on Saturday to become mayor of Houston, according to The

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Talk Of A Trump Dictatorship Charges The American Political Debate

Health WebMeridith Kohut for The New York Times. By Peter Baker. Reporting from Washington. Dec. 9, 2023. When a historian wrote an essay the other day warning that the election of former President Donald J

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Netanyahu Speaks To Putin And Criticizes The New York Times

Health WebDec. 10, 2023, 11:49 a.m. ET. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia spoke by telephone on Sunday for the first time in weeks, offering sharply

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